‘There’s a job for everyone in construction: they just don’t know it’

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  1. Wonderful work by Mace, illuminating the construction industry little bit by little bit, no one off grand gestures, they are doing the long work. Great stuff, Gareth Lewis, Mark Castle and Mace.

  2. It is not sufficient to promote a career in construction to young people, they have to be able to get a job when they finish education. My Son and fifteen others spent years at University to gain a Degree in Construction Management. Only two are working in construction, the remainder gave up after 3 years of searching for work and followed a career in other sectors.
    The industry complains of a shortage of experienced staff but will not provide the opportunity for youngsters to learn and rise through the ranks, preferring instead to steal each others older staff in a never ending circle of vacancies. The construction industry is abusing the education sector and has wasted generations of young talent with no sign that common sense will ever prevail.
    It may be that construction companies can see no stability in demand which is down to successive Governments failing to plan long term and preferring instead to used Construction as an economic tap to be turned on and off at will and in accordance with their particular dogma.
    Some will dismiss my comments as a rant, but for the majority of young people it is real life experience.

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