Three routes to procurement nirvana

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  1. Cut the bills of quantities and QS’s, complete the design fully – that is if young architects can. Then tender for a lump sum. It works very well in North America. Also contractors need less staff

  2. Well whoopeedo!!!!!! For the past 19 years I have been working in a partnered and latterly single source framework doing just what the Cabinet Office are now telling the industry is the way to work. Strangely I spoke to Vaughan Burnand back in 1996/7 about this then “new world”, obviously he wasn’t listening. One question remains, where, oh where are the visionary client leaders who will make this happen across the client base? Government will not make it happen by suggesting, contractors will not make it happen whilst they don’t have to. I have said for many years that the only way to get change into this industry is for clients to demand it. So HMG and Public Sector at large, stop living in the past and accepting the status quo! I changed 19 years ago and have in over 50 projects since proved that the change can, and does, work. Stop talking, stop suggesting and get on with it by showing some inspirational leadership from the client’s perspective!!

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