Top tips for tackling mental health problems in construction

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  1. The project I am on has a level of design that is completely inadequate, a terrible contractor who is focussed only it seems on making claims, and a inexperienced client who thinks a quick chat every now and then will sort it out.

    Caught in the middle with inadequate resources, we are asked by the head of the design organisation to somehow compensate for his mismanagement and incompetence, while being expected by the client to somehow do our work to a level that could be described as “fast, cheap and right” in order to avoid claims from the contractor, who is actively taking a confrontational approach to every issue, generating problems at times for the sake of it.

    We are completely under-resourced to do what we have to, and the early warnings that we have given to the problem have been ignored.

    The end result is going to be a serious mess that I can see no one taking responsibility for, and only those who have tried to deal with the mess being blamed for.

    I personally would take the easy way out and quit, but it’s a long way to the next job, and I’d be doing so with family in tow.

    Stressful, much?

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