Trustmark urges tradespeople and homeowners to retain safe working measures

Trustmark, the government-endorsed quality scheme covering work in consumers’ homes, has urged tradespeople and homeowners to retain safe working measures when legally binding covid-19 restrictions end on 19 July.

Trustmark has embarked on a social media campaign to remind homeowners and tradespeople that the changes to the restrictions only apply to England, with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland still subject to restrictions after that date.

It has updated its guidance, which has been promoting its Work Safe Safe Work approach since the first coronavirus lockdown, to reflect the 19 July changes in England.

It recommends that homeowners and tradespeople continue to take precautions, offering advice on what homeowners and tradespeople should do before, during and after work has been carried out.

Trustmark said: “While you won’t legally have to wear masks or social distance, it is crucial to have a transparent and honest dialogue to ensure all parties feel adequately safe whilst maintaining a high standard of work.”

Among the measures that it continues to recommend are:

  • Making certain that nobody within the home is showing symptoms of covid-19
  • Homeowners should talk to tradespeople before they visit to let them know if they have any concerns or need anything in place to make them feel safe
  • Cut down on face-to-face contact by using phones or tablets to talk online
  • Ask what PPE tradespeople are using
  • Disinfect doors and hands daily before tradespeople enter the home
  • Maintain social distancing or stay side-to-side if you have to get close
  • Keep payment and paperwork electronic or contactless.

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