Tube Lines deal collapses amid cost accusations and fears for future work

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  1. Couple of points; 1 funny how Bob was completely anti the PPP (as were a lot of his union members) and now they’re complaining about the demise of it and the consequent redundancies. Given the annual capex went from something like $400M ish pre-PPP for LUL, to around well over $1Bn post, and is now likely to be reversed, was that inevitability not visible to Bob or was he too busy looking for his next conflict? Lilke most contracts albeit this one had many degrees of uniqueness, work can be taken out and scope reduced by so that’s nothing new. If TfL had wanted that they could have instructed it. The main point though is that the comment above about the contract being onerous is spot on. Having worked on various aspects of it, from a busness analysis and scoping role to a delivery role it is ludicrously complex. It is not and never was a contract that any type of ‘partnership’ could be based on; everything the consortium member company did, was prescribed by the contract, man-marked, validated at many levels; it was anything but a partnership and hypocrisy to call it such. It is a credit to Tubelines and the people in it, they made it work so well for so long.

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