Vinci backs 10 construction innovators

Hearing protection firm EAVE is among the companies to be backed by Vinci

Vinci has given its backing to 10 companies that have developed innovative technology for use in the construction sector, via its Catalyst programme.

Catalyst is run by Leonard, Vinci’s innovation arm, and supports mature companies in a position to start rolling out their products and services in partnership with the Vinci group.

The 10 firms backed by Catalyst will have preferential access to Vinci executives and Leonard will support them up to the point where the partnership with Vinci is formalised.

Four of the businesses in the list of start-ups are based in the UK, with six of the 10 providing an innovative solution that reduces the environmental impact of projects.

The 10 selected innovative companies are:

  • AI clearing (Pologne) develops a platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to monitor the progress of infrastructure works, based on geospatial data.
  • Voyage Control (UK) is a software solution improving construction logistics and supply chain management to streamline processes, enhance safety and protect the environment.
  • vHive (Israel) is a software solution that enables enterprises to deploy autonomous drone hives to digitize their assets and operations in the field, particularly in the inspection of cell towers, cranes, facades and more broadly any type of construction project or structure.
  • Eave (UK) has developed a complete hearing protection system for construction workers consisting of smart ear defenders which promote situational awareness and an online platform for monitoring site noise and individual workers’ exposure to noise.
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies (Canada) offers a carbon utilization technology that creates advanced concrete additives from CO2 gas emissions.
  • Viibe (France) is a download-free video assistance technology dedicated to technical support centres providing expert remote diagnosis.
  • Infogrid (UK) combines the world’s smallest IoT sensors with the power of AI to optimize and automate building management, saving time, money, protecting the environment, and improving security.
  • nPlan (UK) helps contractors identify and prevent major project delays before they happen. Having learned from more 500,000 construction schedules, they accurately identify delay risks on projects during tender and execution, formulating plans to deliver projects on time.
  • Utilis (Israel) offers infrastructure assessment and monitoring solutions, based on L-band SAR satellite analysis, specifically in the fields of water supply and transportation infrastructures.
  • Omniflow (Portugal) is a smart IoT Lamp-pole powered by wind and solar energy, offering sustainable solutions for smart cities, powering high value-added services such as 5G cells, security cameras or IoT sensors.

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